How To Do Seasonal Maintenance Of Garage Door?


To ensure safe and smooth working of your garage door, seasonal maintenance is needed. Garage doors are the biggest moving objects at your house. No matter what the type or size of your garage door is, all need attention and care. Preventative maintenance should be performed by the homeowners to prevent malfunctions or breakdowns of garage doors. Such tasks are neither difficult nor time consuming to do. Use the seasonal maintenance tips given below throughout the year in order to keep your garage door system running efficiently and quietly.

Right garage door lubrication can help your door operate efficiently and quietly. Lubricating your door using WD-40 is not necessarily recommended since it will draw debris and dirt. Use professional grade silicon based spray. Lubricate all metal moving components, especially the rollers and hinges. Avoid spraying the chain and track system on automatic opener. Don’t lubricate your door system with motorcycle chain lube or axle grease. These kinds of lubricates draw dirt and will harden and dry out during cold period of the year, thus binding up your door system. The opener rail as well as chain requires lubrication. Excess usage of lubricants on such parts can be expensive. Lubricant can drip on the top of the vehicle, baking in hot sun for very long period of time and damaging your paint work. It can even drip down the garage door face, leaving behind a very dark line on the door.

Winter is the year’s worst time for garage door. Ice and snow can build up where the garage door meets floor, freezing its bottom weather seal. In order to prevent excess moisture and cold air from entering the garage, ensure that perimeter seals are working properly. Garage door seal tends to be found on the garage door’s door, the header and jambs. The seal at your garage door’s bottom is installed on aluminum retainer while top and side seals are secured using trim nails. In case you see ice around your garage door’s bottom don’t run the automatic opener. Clear snow from its opening and consider use of rock salt to keep the door from freezing out.

Inspect the door for worn parts seasonally. Rollers and hinges are the two main parts on your garage door system which should be monitored regularly for wear. All these parts can easily be repaired quickly and cheaply. Always utilize heavy duty rollers and hinges during garage door repair. Hinges tend to be made in different thicknesses of steel. Always utilize heavy duty grade hinges. Rollers usually last around 10 years or 10,000 cycles. Check out for worn rollers that are broken or not spinning appropriately. Roller replacement can assist remove excessive noise during working. Never try to replace rollers or bottom brackets on your garage door without removing the tension first on your torsion spring. If you want to replace bottom fixtures on the door, then it might be best to call a certified and professional garage door repair service technician.