How Often Should A Garage Door Be Serviced?


How frequently should a garage door be serviced? For maximum individuals the answer is, when something breaks down. This thinking can cost you a lot of money and time in the longer run. Routine maintenance of your garage door twice a year can expand the life of door systems. You probably do not have to hire any professional garage door repair company. The simple checkpoints given below will assist you keep the garage door in great shape year round.

The Annual Service
Every kind of garage door should have a yearly checkup. The garage door repair technicians will review all the door parts to make sure that they are aligned as well as working appropriately. They will even check the door opener, since the tension can get a little loose during the years. It is imperative to maintain tension in order to make sure that the garage door opener stays on the track.
Every year the technicians will also lubricate every moving part of your garage door and its opener. They will also lubricate the rollers, hinges and bearings. This helps the garage door close and open easily and avoid any drag which can misalign the door.

Monthly Check Ups
Lots of garage door manufacturers recommend a monthly check up too. It is a great test which you can perform yourself. But, if you observe any unusual sounds such as clicks or whine in your opener’s motor, call a professional garage door repair technician.

When to Service?
You should service your door system once in a year at least. This is most imperative in fall season in order to prepare it for snow and cold winter temperatures. Check the garage door again in the early spring when moisture levels and temperatures change.

Check Hinges & Rollers
Keep a check that all the hinges and rollers are in best condition – ensuring that all bolts and nuts are safe. The parts are quite prone to cracking as well as splitting. Homeowners can repair these parts easily without needing to call a technician for a service. Hinges and rollers can be easily found online or even at the nearest box stores.

Balance the Garage Door
Check the spring tension and door balance by balancing the door halfway up within the opening. In case it moves down or up you know that the torsion springs require adjustment. Springs break in winter during cold temperature. If the springs are more than ten years old, then it might be a great idea to get them replaced. You should at least, adjust the torsion springs so that the door opener does not overwork and gets burn out.

Remember to lubricate all the metallic moving components with non silicone garage door. Rollers, springs and hinges need light lubrication many times in a year, but particularly during winter.

Grease Gears & Rails
Open the motor and then apply grease to every nylon part – particularly the drive gear. The stripped gears are very common during winter season. Special grease packets could be purchased at most of the professional door dealers.